Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Proper Intros, Pillow Talk, and Signs of Things to Come

I thought that, before we go on much farther, you'd like to meet Eggs up close and personal. Taking advantage of their naptime today, I took their pictures. Here is Uova...

..and here is Sist.

As you can see, they are beginning to look a bit...aged. They've been living in the den, whose average daily temperature during the winter is in the mid-50s, so they are being quite well preserved, considering they are, er, uhm, raw.

Did you notice that hint of green behind them, in their individual photos? Those are pillows!!! Their Aunt Darry made them each a pillow, very much like the larger iguana pillow she made for Mikey the Cycie. She also made those cute little drawstring bags you see.

Now Eggs will be able to rest in comfort while I plot, er, plan their new finery. I've been busy lately making scarf gifts which have finally been sent off, and so I'm catching up on knitting some more squares for the
Sonoma Blanket Project, and a new scarf for myself, having belatedly realize I have no purple scarves.

But, I digress...
I am planning on using some of the left over purple scarf yarns to make something for Eggs, but more importantly, I have been thinking about how to use another gift Eggs received, this from Knatolee. Knat, who designs and makes spectacular rugs (my faves being the Albino Axolotl on page 1, and the Fintistic Fishies on page 2), also knits and does other crafty things. She recently drove herself crazy knitting a lace scarf for her mother-in-law, out of a wonderful foresty qiviut (musk ox)/wool/silk blend. Knat sent Eggs the remaining yarn!

So, while working on other projects, I've been giving serious thought about what to make out of this luxurious yarn. A lacy poncho, perhaps? A shawl and hat? Hmmmm......

Oh! Want to see the yarn? Yum....

Here's a close-up for you.

So much to knit! Only two hands!

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Knatolee said...

Hey, look! I'm famous on your blog! :)

Ponchos are VERY in! If the eggs have qiviut ponchos, well, they will be the best-dressed eggs in town!!! (Like they aren't already)