Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hark! What's that I hear? ::groan:: ::plop::

Look what I found when I went into the iguana room Christmas morning!

Betza has arrived!

She is smaller than Uova and Sist were:

For now, Betza will be resting, and getting ready for her first road trip in January.

In the mean time,
I will have to dig up U&S's hats and sweaters...or knit some new ones! Well, now, there's a thought!

Actually, I do have some yarn stashed away that I've been saving to knit something. Natalie sent me some of the yarn left over from her Suck Up To The Mother-In-Law scarf she knit for, well, her MIL. I whipped up this fetching, ah, poncho? fashion scarf? for Betza tonight. Seeing as how the yarn is a luscious 45% qiviut (musk ox)/45% wool/10% silk, Betza will be warm indeed during these cold winter months.