Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Old Age Approaches...

Well, while their bain may have staved off the rapidity with which old age is approaching, the therapeutic waters were not therapeutic enough to stave off encroaching decreptitude entirely.

Eggs did go on a field trip in late April, which was good. But spending 14 hours in an un-air conditioned car while on the road was not.

Eggs are distinctly....fragrant.

Here they are relaxing with us the evening of our arrival in Tulelake. We gathered on the porch of the house we rented through Fe's Bed & Breakfast.

I supplied the grilled proscuitto-wrapped shrimp, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and shrimp with my favorite dipping sauce, a cocktail sauce spiced up with lemon juice and Tulelake horseradish (of course!) while friends Karen & Jim supplied our ever favorite Teldeschi Winery wines.

It being a warm night, Eggs disrobed and hung out al fresco, so to speak.

As you can see from the red ball thrower on the left side of the table, Sidney the Wonder(ful) Dog was there, too. What you don't see is the puddle of saliva gathering on the porch floor as Sidney awaits his share of the appetizers.

After filling up on all the augmented shrimp and wine, Karen, Sidney and I took a walk down the street. At 9:30 PM, it was as dark as it gets in the town of Tulelake. Karen brought her spotting scope, so we did a bit of star and planet watching.

About 10 PM, still needing to stretch out a bit after the ride up there, we put the scope away and walked across town. Mind you, this was Friday night. At 10 PM. We encountered not one car driving through town during our 45 minute walk which basically bisected the entire town.

Did I mention we really like Tulelake?

And did I mention there was NO graffiti? Anywhere? Well, except on and in the box cars of the trains that rumbled through on their way to bigger, but not particulary better, placed.

A final photo: Sundown in Tulelake.

I have put in an online album some of the photos from our drive to and from Tulelake, if you'd like to see them. When I get the other photos fiddled with and uploaded, I'll put a link to that album here, too.