Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eggs in Stocking Caps

There is a very nice woman in our local knitting group whose name is Nita. Nita has a thing for socks. Sock earrings, sock scarves, sock socks, and at least one sock hat that I've seen. She also does a wonderful sock display she sets up at our annual Knit Out day.* So it was no surprise that, when browsing through the latest issue of Knitty and seeing the photo for a Real Stocking Cap pattern, I thought of her.

And I thought of Eggs. Atter all, some of their hats are made up of sock yarn I've used to make socks for me and others (and a few cats, who get theirs stuffed with catnip) (and a sweater with matching scarf for Sist Egg). So I decided to honor Nita's creativity, and those of other real stocking hat makers, by knitting some stocking caps for Eggs.

Here is an in-progress look at Sist's hat.

Here are are both hats. Note, too, the new I-cord o-rings I made for Eggs since they are getting sort of...floppy. Not soft, but as their innards dry out, it makes them unevenly weighted. So, Eggs now have Stands, too!

Here's a closeup of Uova's hat...

...and Sist's.

All dressed up and no road trip in sight!

* The Knit Out (which includes crocheters, too) started as an impromtu group of knitters meeting in New York's Central Park after September 11. Since then, knitting groups across the country have been staging their own Knit Outs during September-October. The Craft Yarn Council serves as a sort of clearinghouse of KO events around the country. You can check their site for KOs in your area, or, if you get your own KO going, let them know and they can list it on their site.