Friday, January 12, 2007

And Chickie Made Two...Briefly

Last weekend, we went out for dinner for Karen's husband's birthday. Unfortunately, my shakes and tremors continued, so there are few photos, and of the two here, only one is any good. Fortunately, that's the one of the back of Karen's head, again showing how, while she doesn't listen to me, I listen to her when she doesn't want to have her picture taken. (Of course, I never want mine taken, so perhaps it is not a far comparison...). Whatever.

Here's Jim, unfortunately somehow overlit as well as blurry, but that's okay, because now you can't see the mean things he's mouthing at me because he realized the camera is pointing at him.

Here's Karen's head, as we were driving home.

Present at dinner was Jim & Karen's niece, Grace. Grace loves small things, and was taken with Betza and her hat. She asked if I would make her a hat for a chicken egg, which, while larger than my tortoise's eggs, is still small enough to be considered, well, small.

Last night, I dug out some stripey pink yarn, and knit a little hat. For some reason, I felt the hat should have a large pompom on top, and so now it does! Here's Grace's hat and Betza in her new hat:

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