Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oeufs dans le réfrigérateur

With the weather heating up as much as it has, and the Eggs already, uhm, aging rapidly, I sent them to live in a cooler clime until I get around to knitting them string bikinis or some other suitable summer wear.

(Oh! Can you see it? Eggs on a Cruise!)

(It's okay. You can resume breathing. Eggs aren't going to be doing any cruising unless one of you takes them. Hmmmmm...maybe a houseboat on a lake? Uhm, Karen, can we talk?)

Anyway, just in case anyone was wondering where Eggs are, they are here:

That's them, in their carpeted carseat/condo, sitting on top of a glass dish holding a couple of pinkies (for Sluggo), which in turn is sitting on a couple of yogurt containers, sandwiched between the milk and juice container filled with ice tea.

You may recognize their "carpet" - it's the yarn I used for my grandnephew's sweater.

Bon apeti-- er, avoir un grand été!

1 comment:

Knatolee said...

Ah, les ouefs sont fétides! Pauvre Melissa!

I'm glad that the pinky container doesn't have especially clear sides.

On a reptile-related matter, yesterday they had silkworms at our fav pet store. We asked Cathy if leopard geckos would like them, and she thought they would be fine for an adult. So we brought home three for Kartini to try. She came out of her den, grabbed all three at once, and ate them almost together, in a sort of ball. It was disgusting yet fascinating to watch.

So more silkworm treats in Kartini's future. Two claws up!